Epidermis Medical Conditions

Inflamed Pores

Individuals enjoy having clear skin that is attractive and healthy. Several medical conditions can cause the epidermis to feel and look terrible. The disorder acne vulgaris causes pustules, pinheads, nodules and comedones on various areas of the body. The most common areas for this medical condition are the face, neck, shoulders and back. However, this inflammatory condition can occur anywhere on the body. The cause of this disease is due to overactive sebaceous glands that produce oil. The sebaceous glands nearest to hair follicles typically are where pimples appear. The pores on the surface of the epidermis become plugged with a combination of dry skin cells, excess oil and infectious bacteria. This creates an inflammatory response of red lumps filled with pus. In addition, adolescents often experience more acne vulgaris due to increased hormones causing rapid chemical changes throughout the body.

Immunity Disorder

Clear SkinAn immunity disorder that causes white or red rough patches on the surface of the epidermis is psoriasis. Medical researchers have created five different categories of this condition including erythrodermic, pustular, inverse, guttate and plaque. Individuals primarily experience the scaly growths of tissue on the feet, hands, scalp, nails, knees or elbows. Occasionally, psoriasis also causes inflammation internally in the joints. The source of this medical condition is often genetic or stress related. Individuals may experience intense pain or itching that affects daily life. Walking is difficult for individuals who have this epidermis disorder on the feet. In addition, feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness cause many individuals to remain at home to hide the condition.

Healthy Foods

Changing your daily diet can help you get clear skin. A healthy food plan with large amounts of fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables provides additional nutrients for the body. Instead of consuming high fat fast-food meals such as hamburgers, French fries and ice cream, choose a salad with dark green leafy lettuces. Choosing lean proteins such as fish or chicken is vital to provide essential vitamins. Individuals must also consume whole grain products including bread and pasta to provide additional nutrients. Many individuals also experience less inflammation on the body’s surface when dairy products are avoided. Adding a dietary supplement containing calcium and other nutrients to the daily health regimen can also assist in achieving clear skin. In addition, monitoring the intake of sugar and salt also helps the body maintain a healthy epidermis.