Following a Soup Diet for Weight Loss

For those who want to lose several pounds in a short period of time, a soup diet may work out well. There are several different kinds of soup diets. One of the most popular is the cabbage soup diet. The first step to following this diet is to review the cabbage soup diet recipes. The diet typically consists of green onion, green pepper, tomato, carrots, celery, cabbage, soup mix, and seasonings that do not have salt in them. The cabbage vegetable soup diet recipes are easy to prepare. Once the soup is prepared, it becomes a main staple for the individual who is trying to lose weight. There is a strict seven-day soup diet plan that works out well for those who are looking to lose a bit of weight, whether it is for a wedding or some other type of special occasion.

Only SoupThe cabbage soup diet is often referred to as the vegetable soup diet because it contains a number of different vegetables, not just cabbage. During the seven-day cabbage soup diet, a meal plan must be followed. On the first day of the diet, the individual is advised to eat as much fruit as they would like. The only fruit that should not be consumed on this day are bananas. The soup and fruit should be the only two meals consumed on the first day of the diet. On the second day of the diet, it is all about eating different vegetables, along with the soup. For dinner, the individual is allowed to have a baked potato, but they should limit the amount of butter they put on the baked potato.

The third day is all about consuming both fruits and vegetables, along with the soup. However, a baked potato should not be consumed on this day. On the fourth day of the diet, bananas are acceptable, and several of them can be eaten, along with some skim milk. For the rest of the day, the soup can be eaten. On the fifth day, beef can finally be added to the meal. The beef must be lean and it should be baked and served with tomatoes. The soup should also be consumed throughout the day. On the sixth day, both beef and vegetables can be eaten, as well as the soup during one meal. For the final day of the diet, brown rice and vegetables should be eaten with the soup. After following this pattern for a week, many people will notice weight loss.