General Information about the Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is a high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet developed by Pierre Dukan. The plan is outlined in the Dukan diet book, written by the creator. It is very similar to other low-carbohydrate diets in several ways. One of the main differences is that the diet does not rely on calorie counting. People who follow the plan are free to eat as much protein as desired without worrying about calories. Low-fat meats are suggested. The diet plan does specify 20 minutes of walking or exercise each day. The actual Dukan diet book advertises that as much as 10 pounds can be lost during the first week of the program.

DukanIt not difficult to understand what the Dukan diet plan is. It is centered on protein. The plan is broken into four stages. Two are for weight loss and two are for long-term maintenance. The Dukan diet attack phase is the first step. It involves eating just protein and occasional spoonfuls of oat bran for one week. This is where the greatest weight loss should occur. The cruise phase introduces some vegetables to the Dukan diet menu. There are 28 approved vegetables to choose from although most are very light. Some examples include lettuce, cucumbers, and onions. The cruise phase diet is followed until the target weight has been reached.

The third phase of the Dukan diet is called consolidation. This stage introduces some carbohydrates such as breads into the diet in small amounts. It also permits a dieter to have two free meals each week that can contain anything. The intent is to curb cravings for food that might cause binging. One day a week is reserved for pure protein meals. Stabilization is the final phase that will help to maintain low weight in the future. Dieters in this phase can eat anything they want as long as one day a week is dedicated exclusively to protein. People in this stage must walk for 20 minutes every day and must use stairs instead of elevators.

Dukan diet recipes are assembled from a list of 100 approved foods during the weight loss stages. The meals are basically a large piece of protein, vegetables, and oat bran. Some dieters create stews from the ingredients. The fact that the Dukan diet does not consider calories or portion sizes means that there are very few rules when developing recipes.

The Dukan diet has been advertised by several celebrities over the past few years. Medical authorities find the diet confusing and potentially dangerous. It was voted the number one diet to avoid by health professionals in England for three years in a row. Most of the concern comes from the lack of balanced nutrition and the reliance on protein. The state of ketosis that the body enters after the attack phase is linked to kidney damage and loss of muscle mass. The final stabilization stage of the diet is also unrealistic since it is not possible to eat anything that is desired every day except one and maintain a low weight.