How to Follow a Cholesterol Diet

When people are told that they must seek out food for low-cholesterol diet planning, they will likely be somewhat unhappy with the elimination of some of their favorite products. Rather than balk at the concept, however, they should embrace the challenge. By using exotic foods and spices, they can make meals that are as delicious as any they have ever had. Because cholesterol is found only in animal products, dieters will have to cut down on the amount of meat that they eat. They will find themselves becoming very familiar with the produce aisle at the local supermarket.

Low CholesterolIf they are meat lovers through and through, they should not feel that they have to eliminate animal flesh from the diet completely. Extra-lean ground beef, for example, can usually be procured. Furthermore, instead of eating bacon, sausage, and ham, they can stick to lean slices of fish or chicken. By spicing up a cut of fish with some lemon pepper, for instance, they can still ensure that their meals are infused with flavor. Because dairy products can also be unhealthy, men and women should stay away from sliced cheese and butter. Cottage cheese and margarine are good substitutes. The latter can be used in recipes for holiday sweets.

Exotic vegetables can be fun to try. Because plant material is low in cholesterol and high in fiber, all vegetables are healthy. As a general rule, dieters should not be afraid to branch out a bit. Instead of cooking carrots, they can try parsnips. Likewise, sweet potatoes can be substituted for potatoes. Some people might even want to try an acorn squash instead of a zucchini. The ultimate goal is to try a range of vegetables so that different vitamins and minerals can be taken into the body.

Beans and legumes will also go a long way toward lowering cholesterol. Kidney beans and black beans can be combined in a wonderful vegetarian chili. Garbanzo beans, meanwhile, can be sprinkled on top of most salads for some extra fiber. Lentils and split peas can be used for soups and pilafs.

In the end, a cholesterol-reducing diet should not be all that hard to manage. As individuals become comfortable with some of the more exotic foods in the world, they can create some culinary masterpieces for family and friends. Their high-cholesterol diet will shortly become a thing of the past.