Quick and Easy Weight Loss with a Protein-Rich Diet

High protein diets are the way to go when seeking to lose weight quickly and easily. Because these diets minimize sugar intake and maximize consumption of protein and healthy fats, hunger is very rarely a problem while utilizing this method of weight loss. Protein also helps the body build muscle and burn fat.

One of the best reasons to use a high-protein, high-fat diet is to ensure satiety and adherence to the new lifestyle. As many professional chefs like to say, fat is flavor, so there won’t be a need to seek sugary treats in an unsuccessful effort to feel full and satisfied while on this type of diet.

High ProteinOne of the newest approaches to a high-protein diet is called carb cycling. This method alternates low-carb, high-protein diet foods most days of the week with high-carb, high-protein diet foods usually once every four to seven days. The theory is that the carb boost revs the metabolism on the high-carb days, thus enabling more efficient fat burning on the high protein days.

It is fairly easy to create a high-protein diet meal plan that will maximize satiety and minimize hunger, making it convenient and easy to adhere to long term. The meal plan should be centered on healthy sources of protein, including eggs, dark and white meat chicken, white fish and fatty fish such as salmon, beef, pork, and even exotic or game meats such as venison or buffalo. Legumes, such as beans and peanuts, and nuts can be added for alternative protein sources, but the rest of the diet should primarily consist of leafy greens, vegetables and fruit. Each meal and snack should contain a decent amount of protein as well as some fat and carbohydrates to minimize blood sugar and insulin spikes that enable the body to store extra calories as fat.

Vegetables and fruit not only add vitamins and minerals, but they also bring both soluble and insoluble fiber to the table. Fiber will also increase satiety and help move additional calories out of the digestive tract before they can be fully absorbed by the body.

Foods that are consumed while on a high-protein diet should not be overly processed and should remain as close as possible to their natural or whole state. This strategy not only maximizes available fiber and nutrients, but it also avoids many unhealthy additives and preservatives. Frozen and fresh foods will almost always be better than canned or prepackaged foods on this type of diet.